Can I custom the process for 'Publish' button in Publish dialog in properties-local.xml?

In document I see that we can custom the flow in properties-local.xml, but it is only available for Publish button outside (not publish button in dialog)

The flow I intend to do:

  1. In Form builder, user click publish
  2. Publish dialog showed, user click publish button in dialog.
  3. Then it will call api from my server to send info.

In properties-local.xml, I modified inside this part:

<property as="xs:string" name=""> </property>

with this code:

<!-- show publish dialog -->
            dialog = "fb-publish-dialog",
            app    = "{xxf:instance('fb-form-instance')/xh:head/xf:model[@id = 'fr-form-model']/xf:instance[@id = 'fr-form-metadata']/*/application-name}",
            form   = "{xxf:instance('fb-form-instance')/xh:head/xf:model[@id = 'fr-form-model']/xf:instance[@id = 'fr-form-metadata']/*/form-name}"

<!-- expect when user click publish button in dialog will execute this code -->    
    then save
    then send(
         uri = "http://localhost:8000/api/getFormBuilderInfo",
         replace = "all"
         method = "POST",
         content = "xml")

The problem I don't know how to hook into publish button in dialog. Because I want to make sure that it has stored in orbeon database in order to creating new in form runner with appName and formName (which I get through api: http://localhost:8000/api/getFormBuilderInfo).