Interactive Grid autosave and refresh (after processing)

I have Interactive Grid with Static ID full_grid. For auto save I have dynamic action based on JavaScript Expression:


which saves grid details:


and it calls process - Interactive Grid - Automatic Row Processing (DML), with custom PL/SQL logic. This part is okay, everything working, but I have problem with data refresh. If I updating only one cell (row), everything is okay, because it updating only one row (last modified), but sometimes I need to update 1 or 2 additional rows when updated one of row. I mean if I have 10 rows, when I update 5th row, I update 2nd and 3rd rows as well (in database table), and after processing Interactive Grid is not updated visually for 2nd and 3rd rows. I understand that I have to refresh Interactive Grid after processing, but I don't have idea how I can do it. It is possible to call JavaScript function from PL/SQL or maybe there is another solution to refresh Interactive Grid after processing without page submit?