How to get 4 different cluster correlation heat maps to have the same order axis so they can be compared against one another

I have run this code separately for each set of data, I have 44 regions and need to correlate them against one another but for 4 different treatment groups, each of which have 8-10 individual values.

`yh <- as.matrix(df_h[-1], header = T)`
`rownames(yh) <- df_h$``Animal ID`

  cor.method = c("pearson"),
  xlab = FALSE,
  ylab = FALSE,
  k_col = 5,
  k_row = 5,
  showticklabels = c(FALSE, TRUE),
  symm = TRUE
) %>%
  layout(height = 925)`

However, every time I run this, each heat map has a different order of regions along the axis, but I need them to be in the same order so that I can compare the clusters. Is there a way I can do all 4 correlation heat maps from the one data set so it displays all 4 against each other? Then I don't have to do all 4 groups separately.