Is there a way to colour the spacing between expansion panels inside an expansion tile differently than the colour of the expansionTile?

So I have an ExpansionTile, that contains an Expansion list. I made the Expansion tile according to my needs with this code.

          decoration: BoxDecoration(
              borderRadius: BorderRadius.vertical(bottom: Radius.circular(22))),
          child: SingleChildScrollView(
            child: Theme(
              data: Theme.of(context).copyWith(dividerColor: Colors.transparent,),
              child: ExpansionTile(
                textColor: Color(0xff6B705C),
                iconColor: Color(0xff6B705C),
                title: Center(child: Text("Generelles Vorgehen", textScaleFactor: 1.4,style: TextStyle(
                    color: Colors.white,
                children: [ExpansionList()],

But now I run into the problem that the spacing between the expansion Panels in the Expansion list, has the same colour, as the expansionTile.

enter image description here

Is there a way to modify the ExpansionTile containing the list to still look like this

enter image description here

, just with the addition, that I can have another colour for the spacing?