Google Cloud Healthcare API not supporting PlanDefintion/$apply and Activity Definition/$apply

I am trying to create a carePlan as output by doing $apply operation on PlanDefinition and ActivityDefintion.

For example:<project_id>/locations/<location_name>/datasets/<dataset_name>/fhirStores/<fhirstore_name>/fhir/PlanDefinition/<plandefintion_id>/$apply?subject=Patient/

This endpoint is throwing Error 404 (Not Found)!!1.

Tried many ways of making this endpoint work as per FHIR R4 documentation. But seems like GCP is not yet supporting $apply operation in PlanDefintion and ActivityDefinition in both v1 and v1beta1 version of Healthcare APIs.

Need help on this.

1 answer

  • answered 2021-06-17 07:24 Mirjam Baltus

    On their documentation page they indicate that you can view your server's capabilities by retrieving the CapabilityStatement. If this does not list the $apply operation, it is not supported.

    And actually further down on the page, the documentation mentions: "Most extended operations aren't implemented". If you need that functionality, maybe you can reach out to them to see if it can be integrated, or look into using a different FHIR server implementation.

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