Nginx Ingress Controller getting error in Node.js application with routes prefixed

I'm using Ingress Nginx Controller in my Kubernetes Cluster hosted on Google Kubernetes Engine. The application is a Node.js app.

When I integrated my app with Rollbar (logger service) I started to notice repetitive errors every ~15 seconds (154K times in one week).

Error: Cannot GET /


Error on Rollbar

Error details

I think the reason is the fact that the my Node.js application uses the /v1 prefix in the routes, i.e the / route doesn'i exists.

PS: Rollbar is linked in Develop (local), Testing (Heroku) and Production (GKE) environments and the error only occurs in production.

My ingress file:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
    name: ingress-app
        - host:
                  - path: /v1
                        serviceName: company-prod-v1-service
                        servicePort: 3000

Ingress documentation says something about / endpoint, but i don't understand very well.

I need to remove this error. Can any jedi masters help me fix this error?

Thanks in advance