How to use google homegraph api with my own django cloud?

I am trying to build a smart-home project and I want to use voice commands to control the smart devices in my home and I found out that I have to use homegraph API for it. So is there anyone who can help me , like I want to use my own django based cloud network for this and there is firebase examples only available on google docs. Please guide me if someone know about it '-'

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  • answered 2021-06-18 16:28 Nick Felker

    Django-based I'm assuming is the Python-based framework.

    While the conceptual docs may include snippets just in Node.js, you can look at the REST API pages to get the JSON request/response fields needed to make it work.

    To make the development process a bit easier, Google has published the service protos that can be used to programmatically define the Home Graph request, response, and data objects. You can also use the google-api-python-client package. This lets you build the the homegraph service using an API like:

    from googleapiclient.discovery import build
    service = build('homegraph', 'v1')
    # Here you can call methods on the service object
    # service...

    Then you can create and execute requests based on the library documentation.

    You will also need to setup authentication before requests will execute.