Google Cloud Platform: project appears in billing reports but doesn't show in the list of projects

Our organization uses Google Cloud APIs for integrating Maps and other services in a number of websites.

We have often used the same API key, without creating a distinct Google Cloud project (and credentials) for each website/project.

We are trying to better organize our API usage, but we are facing an issue. While we can consult the reports of our Billing account and see the quota for the unique API project used for every implementation, we cannot see and manage this project (it does not appear in the list) even though it seems to belong to the same organization. (EDIT: I am not sure that the organization id is the same, but the name of the organizazion appears as a prefix to the project name in the billing reports)

This project has been created years ago (and the person that created it appears not to have access to it either), but we need to access it to get a clear understanding of where and how APIs are used. The connected APIs are still in use and working, so we assume the project exists.

Can someone point out the possible reasons why a project is not shown even though it belongs to an organization for which we have access as administrators?

Thank you in advance

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  • answered 2021-06-18 11:08 mensi

    In order to see a project in lists, you need the resourcemanager.projects.list IAM permission on the project and to get it's metadata, the resourcemanager.projects.get permission.

    How did you find that it has the same organizationId? If you managed to get the metadata via gcloud projects describe, you are likely missing the list permission.

    In any case, if the project is indeed part of the organization, an org admin should be able to use gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding to add a new owner/editor.

    There is a special case with Apps Scripts: Those create a hidden project.

    If all fails, reach out to GCP Support. Keep in mind though that they will not be able to help you if the project is not within your organization (eg. created with an unrelated account or similar)