set client_max_body_size in GKE Ingress OR Gunicorn

I have deployed a Django application in Kubernetes and exposed it using a GKE ingress( gce). Django app is of course run using gunicorn. GKE version 1.19.9-gke.1900

I have an API where you can upload files. I want to limit that the size of the uploaded file should not exceed 20MB. In nginx I think we can do it using client_max_body_size directive but I am not able to figure out how to do it in GKE Ingress OR Gunicorn.

The only thing I have found out in GKE Ingree is this and in gunicorn is this. I think those too are not meant for setting the max limit of the post request body.

Is it possible to set max limit on file upload GKE ingress OR Gunicorn?

EDIT: Please note I do not want to change gce to nginx