How to control users, requests and throughput in jmeter?

I'm performing a load test on my server using JMeter 5.4.1. I want to use 3 users who will be sending requests at 10 TPS which means 10 requests would be sent to the server per second. I'm already using the Concurrency thread group and Shaping Throughput Timer but confused with the configuration-like difference between target concurrency and no. of users I need to pass. I tried giving 3 in the target concurrency textbox but throughput was very low than expected. After increasing the target concurrency, I started getting the desired throughput. So I just need clarity on the configuration of the Concurrency Thread Group.

I just want to know what configuration I need to do to achieve 10 TPS by using 3 users in Jmeter?

Note: Using Jmeter 5.4.1

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  • answered 2021-06-20 11:18 Masud Jahan

    Your average response time needs to be 333ms to get 10 TPS using 3 threads, if your average response time is 1 second then you will need to increase the number of threads to 10 to get 10TPS.

    So you need to measure the average response time of all your requests in the JMeter test plan, then you will be able to decide the number of threads to get your desired TPS.