how to fix/work-around cr/lf / LF no longer working in dev tools console

[honestly, this is a WTF for chromium project once again fixing something that wasn't broken -- until a recent update to chromium-based browsers (it shows up in Chrome 91 and Edge 91, but does not manifest itself in Opera 60, nor the latest Firefox)]

To wit: previously, the console would honor/interpret LF (ie \n ) in a character string written to the console log. for example, if you entered

xyz="\nabc\ndef\ng" the console would display ->


Now it displays: "\nabc\ndef\ng"

This totally bollixes all of the embedded functions previously written to be invoked from the console that are intended to write to the console log. Using \n in output to console log has been promoted on this forum for nearly a decade. So, is this a new 'feature' or a bug?