Error trying to retrieve description field from AD

I'm trying to get the data from AD users to automatically fill in the data of my users in an Access database, for that I'm using the following query to get the data I need

    strADQuery = "<LDAP://" & strDefaultNamingContext & ">;(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user));samAccountName,displayName,mail,telephoneNumber,physicalDeliveryOfficeName,description;subtree"

The idea is to get each of those values and store them in a Users table. Before I do that I'm just printing the data on the screen to verify the query is working properly. It works for every field except for the description field, which is throwing a runtime error 13, types do not match. The 'value' variable shows its variant/string for the rest of the fields, and a variant/variant for the description field, so how do I get to read it and store it to my table?

Edit: Ok, a little update. Each Field has a Value variable of the String (variant/string) type. For the 'description' Field though, the Value variable is of the Variant (variant/variant) type containing a string (variant/string) variable also named Value. I've tried directly printing it as well as converting it to a string with CStr and then printing the string. In both cases I get the following errors:

  • If I try to print or convert results.Fields("Description") -> Error 13 Types don't match. That's what's working for the rest of the fields.
  • If I try to print or convert results.Fields("Description").Value - > Error 13 Types don't match.
  • If I try to print or convert results.Fields("Description").Value.Value -> Error, an object is required.

How can I access that second Value variable that contains the string I need?