JMeter distributed testing does not return results

I have connect my PC as master to other PCs and I run the distributed test but all I get is an empty jtl file with only the headers of a table..

enter image description here

What is the problem?

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  • answered 2021-06-23 07:30 Dmitri T

    We don't know.

    From your beautiful screenshot we can only see that 0 samplers were executed which perfectly explains empty results.

    Check jmeter.log file for jmeter master and slave, most probably you will find the reason there.

    The most common reasons are:

    1. Incorrect RMI configuration so there is no bi-directional communication between the master and slaves
    2. Your test relies on external data, i.e. uses CSV Data Set Config and you forgot to copy the CSV file(s) to slave machine(s)
    3. Your test relies on JMeter Plugins and you forgot to install JMeter Plugins on the slave machine(s), you can install JMeter Plugins Manager and open the .jmx test plan on the slave - the plugins manager should detect and install at least the majority of the plugins used in the script