Excel formula as datewise transaction value

I have a scenario where it has three columns date ,transactions, values

Date transac value
19-10-2021 IN1 100
19-10-2021 IN2 200
19-10-2021 off 300
20-10-2021 IN1 50
20-10-2021 IN2 50
20-10-2021 off 100

I want to show them in other sheet as below can someone help

Date Transac Transact Value
19-10-2021 IN off 600
20-10-2021 IN off 200

The problem here is in transaction column IN1 and IN2 actually it should take as IN*. so we need to sum of (IN*+off)

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  • answered 2021-06-23 10:29 Harun24HR

    Use wild card matching for IN. Try-


    enter image description here