Is it possible to have time window aggregation and whole aggregation together over a same key from a same stream in a single topology?

I have a scenario in which I need to get the per-minute windowed aggregated data as well the whole 5 minute aggregated data using kafka stream.

E.g. Doing instrumentation for a 5-minute window. Kafka Stream Messages (Name, Number of Likes) Per Minute Time Window Aggregation on Name as key. Per Name aggregated data for the whole 5-minute window.

Sample Data

t=0 sec (Aman, 2)
t=15 sec (Aman, 4) 
t=30 sec (Aman, 3)
t=45 sec (Rahul, 5)
t=1 min (Aman, 5)
t=5 min (Aman ,7)

Expected Output:

Time Window Output:
t=1 minute (Aman,14)
t=1 minute (Aman,5)
t=2 minute (Aman, 30)
t=2 minute (Rahul,40)
Aggregate Output of 5 minutes
(Aman, 150)
(Rahul, 100)
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