VB.net - how do I create a control on a form from a module

I have the project title and logo on startForm. I have plenty of other forms on which I would like to put these two things without manually creating labels and pictureboxes. So I have a Sub formsize in a module in which I make labels and textboxes uniform on all forms. Can I create a label and a picturebox on each form with something like this?

Dim titleLabel as Label
Dim logoBox as PictureBox 
For each frm in FormCollection
    frm.titleLabel.Text = startForm.Label1.Text
    frm.logoBox.Image = startForm.Pbox1.Image
next frm

Sub formsize is called by every form other than startForm in its Form_Load. So the For loop might be unnecessary. The frm is passed as parameter also in formsize. So I can just do frm.Controls.Add(titleLabel).

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