Calling Google App Engine endpoint from Google Pub/Sub

I created a Google Pub/Sub push subscription which points to a Google App Engine endpoint, but GAE is not receiving anything.

The messages are being published (I can see it on the Pub/Sub console), but never acknowledged.

The endpoint URL should be correct since I made my GAE endpoint public and tested using Postman.

Does Google Pub/Sub not support calling Google App Engine endpoints? Or I'm I missing something here?

Appreciate it someone could help with this.

1 answer

  • answered 2021-07-27 16:42 NoCommandLine

    For a message to be acknowledged, it means it has to be received by the subscriber. How are you trying to do this? I ask because GAE (at least GAE standard) doesn't support streaming which means you can't have an indefinitely open connection listening for messages from pubsub.

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