I want to get SUM of salesAmount by country wise, which step should I take next

How to sum sales amount country wise, GROUP BY giving a wrong result

Query is

SELECT cs.country, (od.quantityOrdered * pr.MSRP) AS salesamount 
FROM customers cs 
    JOIN orders os ON cs.customerNumber = os.customerNumber 
    JOIN orderdetails od ON od.orderNumber = os.orderNumber 
    JOIN products pr ON od.productCode = pr.productCode 
GROUP BY country;


France      3235.44 
USA         3570.00 
Australia   3449.26 
Norway      5571.80 
Germany     3178.25 
Spain       5136.72 
Sweden      6214.70 
Denmark     6800.00 
Singapore   6857.40 
Japan       2735.62 
Finland     4352.00 
UK          4604.28 
Ireland     6649.60 
Canada      10072.10 
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