Mount config file to Docker and access it

I have a question on running my GO project inside a docker container.
My project has a config.yaml and some other files that should be accesable from outside of the container. Therefore I am planing to mount a folder to the volume /data. But how can I read form a file in the /data folder? My project is obviously not in that folder. Is there any best precise on what to do?

Here is my Dockerfile:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1
FROM golang:1.16-alpine3.14


COPY . .
RUN go mod download

RUN go build -o /gotify-matrix-bot-docker

VOLUME [ "/data" ]

CMD [ "/gotify-matrix-bot-docker" ]

My plan was to run the container docker run -it --rm -v data:/data gotify-matrix-bot. But now I can not access the files from within my GO script.

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