How to use BulletinBoard (BLTNBoard) Action Handler

I am using the 3rd party framework BLTNBoard in my iOS Swift made app. Here is the link to the reference.

It is a really cool integration, although I am having troubles with connecting a handler to the main action button.

let bulletinManager : BLTNItemManager = {
    let page = BLTNPageItem(title: "QR Found!")
    page.actionHandler = { (item: BLTNActionItem) in
        print("hi there")
    page.alternativeHandler = { (item: BLTNActionItem) in
        print("hi there")
    page.requiresCloseButton = false
    page.descriptionText = "Add 1 Scan to your visit?"
    page.actionButtonTitle = "Add 1 Visit"
    page.appearance.actionButtonColor = Restaurant.shared.themeColor
    page.appearance.actionButtonTitleColor = Restaurant.shared.textColorOnButton
    page.appearance.alternativeButtonTitleColor = Restaurant.shared.textColor
    page.alternativeButtonTitle = "Not now"
    return BLTNItemManager(rootItem: page)
bulletinManager.backgroundViewStyle = BLTNBackgroundViewStyle.blurredDark
DispatchQueue.main.async {
    bulletinManager.showBulletin(above: self)

Could you please tell me if I am doing something wrong, or if there is something happening with the 3rd Party? Thanks! :)

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