.csv file seems to be converting number to date and hiding the original value

I have a .csv file with a location column. For building 8, room 103 I know that the value in the source database is 8-8103. When I open this file in Excel it converts this to 8/1/8103 and displays "Aug-03". That makes sense, I see why it converted it (the Location column =YEAR(Equipment Location))

enter image description here

What I CANNOT understand is when I read this same file into Pandas, use open(file) file.read() or just open it with Notepad++ the value that I see is "Aug-03".

enter image description here

How is it possible that the literal string value in a .csv appears in the function line of Excel, but shows as a wrongly converted string in programs that are reading it as text?

To add to this confusion, Excel is able to display 8/1/8103 and 8/1/8203 in the function bar and displays them both as "Aug-03". If the underlying string is Aug-03, how is it able to make that distinction?

I hope this makes sense to somebody,

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