Accessing SSH local tunneling through Docker published port

I have the following setup:

[OpenSSH server] <---> [Docker container with SSH client] <---> [host machine]

My Docker container is a SSH connection manager of sorts. The service running on the OpenSSH server whose port I'm forwarding is a web server.

From inside the container, I can successfully curl the tunneled port. However, when I try to publish that same port to my host and try to curl from the host, I get

curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

This is the SSH command I'm using to setup the tunnel:

ssh -nNT -L 3000:*:9413 OPENSSH_SERVER_URL

I'm running this container using

docker run --rm --name test -p 3000:3000 ssh-connection-manager

If I login to the container, I can curl and get a response:

docker exec -it --entrypoint sh test
# curl localhost:3000

I cannot do the same from the host through the published port:

$ curl localhost:3000
curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

What am I missing? I suspect it's a connection option on the SSH client or configuration on my OpenSSH server, but I'm not sure.

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