Front end API route not connecting– Node.js, express, CORS project

I am building a Geo JSON mapping site, and all my backend routes are hitting (verified with Postman) the front end is not connecting to my database API though.

In my error messages, I can see that the route is trying to connect at port 5500, though all my port settings are configured to 5000. I can't figure out where port 5500 is coming from, because all ports are set to 5000 within the app.

If I access the api route on the browser through 5000 rather than 5500, I can see that the data is there but it I cannot figure out how to direct it to connect through that port.

Any help on how to fix this? Thanks!

Here's where I set up the port:

  27: const PORT = process.env.PORT || 5000;

  1  NODE_ENV=development
  2: PORT=5000
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