Node.js: Can @google-cloud give better stack traces to the client?

In my project, I am executing this line in a test (with mocha): const metadata = await this.bucket.file(filepath).getMetadata(); If this line errors, it gives me this stack trace:

 Error: No such object: path/to/foo.mp4
  at new ApiError (/Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/@google-cloud/common/build/src/util.js:64:15)
  at Util.parseHttpRespBody (/Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/@google-cloud/common/build/src/util.js:199:38)
  at Util.handleResp (/Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/@google-cloud/common/build/src/util.js:140:117)
  at /Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/@google-cloud/common/build/src/util.js:439:22
  at onResponse (/Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/retry-request/index.js:227:7)
  at /Users/user/repos/backend/firebase/functions/node_modules/teeny-request/build/src/index.js:223:13
  at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

I can't use this to troubleshoot the problem as the stack trace doesn't refer back to my internal code. Is there a way to make @google-cloud give more useful stack traces than this, specifically, a trace showing my client code?

I've set --full-trace on mocha, I've set --async-stack-traces on node, I've even modified that ApiError class to console.error/trace, but the stack trace is always the same.

Is there some environment variable specific to @google-cloud that will give me better information so I can troubleshoot what's going on?

I'm using node v16.4.2 on a mac.

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