API key not getting created for project?

  • Created Api Gateway.

  • Created Api key.

  • Attempt to restrict key on the new Api just created.

  • New Api does not show up in the list of possible Apis to restrict.

  • Attempt to call gateway anyway, using the Api key, unrestricted and restricted on Api Gateway, just in case. Predictably get back PERMISSION_DENIED:API API_ID... is not enabled for the project for both cases.

  • Run gcloud alpha services api-keys list

Results in ERROR: (gcloud.alpha.services.api-keys.list) Projects instance [PROJECT_NAME] not found: Method not found.

  • Run gcloud services api-keys list no alpha this time.

DISPLAY_NAME -> API key name ok.

NAME -> projects/bunch_of_numbers_not_my_project_id_or_name /locations/global/keys/bunch_of_numbers_not_my_project_id_or_name What?

Check project exists in Console. It does. Select project again. Same result. Change to another account owner. Same results. gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID and try again everything. Same results. Try again everything on the gui console. Same results.

I only have one project. One.

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