how to vectorize exponential probability function

I believe code below is somewhat correct implementation of this exponential heatmap function:

enter image description here

def expfunc(image, landmark, sigma=6): #image = array of shape (512,512), landmark = array of shape (2,)
  a= np.sqrt(np.log(2)/2)/sigma # 
  for i in range(image.shape[0]):
    for j in range(image.shape[1]):
      prob = np.exp(-a*(np.abs(i-landmark[0])+np.abs(j-landmark[1])))
      if prob > 0.01:
        image[i][j] = prob
        image[i][j]= 0
  return image

My questions are:

  1. How could I vectorize this code?
  2. This probability function gives values to all pixels so how should proceed with very small values? Now I am using threshold of 0.01 for zeros?
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