what is the best parameter for addTestProvider with mock patched devices?

I'm building some mock location app, but always jumping back to real location (play services location).

When I set GPS to "device only" it doesn't back to real location.

But I want to set GPS "high accuracy" without jumping location back.

I'm trying to using "GPS" and "network" provider together, but its jumping back to real location (fused play service) again. Can fused location be set without enabling it on developer option?

My test provider:

addTestProvider("gps", false, false, false,false,true,true,true,2,5);
setTestProviderEnabled("gps", 2, null);

addTestProvider("network", false, false, false,false,true,true,true,2,5);
setTestProviderEnable("network", 2, null);
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