In React, how to Render component with a set Height AND THEN immedietly re-render with Height set to 0 (for transitioning height)

To transition the height from auto to 0 using just HTML, CSS had its own trials. I solved this using Javascript, by

  1. Setting CSS transtion for the content height
  2. Finding the actual height of the content (using javascript
  3. Then setting the to the actual height.
  4. Ensuring the browser registered this change by page by using forcing DOM reflow content.clientWidth for example forces page reflow)
  5. Then immedietely following, set the height to 0px = 0 (which will transition start transition)

However, now I'm trying to write the same sequence in React, within the onlick handler ...

Step 1 (I can do) - using {refs} to get the content.scroll.height.

Step 2 (I can kinda do) - using setState that will eventually feed through to the render method which will then update the to the actual content height.

Step 3 (Not sure how to ensure the above step takes effect before moving to the next line)

Step 4 (I'm unsure) how to get step 3 - make the browser aware of the change - before immedietely continuing onto step 4.

I could setState for height to fullHeight - but this won't have immediete effect, so the next line setState to 0px, will just overwrite first setState and the transition from fullHeight to 0px will not happen.

Below is the working Javascript code that I would like to recreate but using React - also full JSfiddle here

document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", () => {
  let content = document.querySelector(".content");
  let wasOpen = content.classList.contains("open");

  // remove any explicit set height (to reveal the natural height) = null;
  // get the actual full natural height
  let fullHeight = content.offsetHeight;

  if (wasOpen) {
    // set initial height explicitly = fullHeight + "px";
    // force reflow
    // set final height explicitly - which it will transition to = "0px";
  } else {
    // set initial height explicitly = "0px";
    // force reflow
    // set final height explicitly - which it will transition to = fullHeight + "px";

1 answer

  • answered 2021-09-11 18:06 Mahi

    I think you are looking for ResizeObserver

     componentDidMount() {
          let div = document.querySelector(id);  // <--- pass element id to observe
      resizeObserver = new ResizeObserver(entries => {
                for (let entry of entries) {
                    let width = entry.contentRect.width;
                   this.setState({ width: width });

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