Fonts' OpenType features not working in Composite fonts in InDesign

When using any Hebrew font in InDesign, the diacritics (nikuds) are displayed in their correct location. This location is set within the fonts by using OpenType features such as ccmp (for glyph substitution) and mark (for glyph positioning). InDesign recognizes and applies these features.

The resulting text looks like that: non-composite font sample

I put two guides to the right to indicate the end of text.

When this font is used as part of a Composite font in InDesign, the result is quite different. It seems like the ccmp feature is honored but the mark feature is not. (The first [last for non-Israelis] character on the first line is controlled with a ccmp feature to combine two characters.)

Here is how the composite font looks: enter image description here

Notice how the diacritics shift and the length of the text increases. Some of this fluctuation can be mitigated by Diacritics Position feature in InDesign however this feature only works on a paragraph level and applies the correction to ALL diacritics uniformly whereas the whole point of the OpenType feature is to adjust diacritics on a character level.

Has anyone run into this problem and if so, is there something that can be done within the font or within InDesign to correct that (besides reporting it to Adobe who "will fix it in the next release")?

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