DDD - Validation reference id from other bounded context

I have a question regarding id validation from another bounded context. It is best to explain with an example. I have a billing context and a warehouse context. When issuing an invoice, I attach the product id to the item, then send an invoice event so that the context of the warehouse issues the warehouse document. The problem is that the billing context does not know if the product id on the invoice line belongs to an authorized user. I only assume asynchronous communication, so I cannot ask the context with the store if a given user has permissions to a given product.

I could send an event after issuing an invoice that an invoice was issued for a given product in the context of a given user and if there were any problems with the cultivation, I could raise an alarm. However, it does not seem very satisfying. For a year now I have not come up with any sensible solution to this problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

[EDIT] I would also like to point out that I am not interested in data duplication because I have a very large data volume and a very large number of types.

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