How do I know when to use parenthesis when chaining datetime functions in python?

I am learning Python and was hoping someone here can help clear something up for me.

I have the following code:

import pandas as pd

ser = pd.Series(['01-01-2010', '02-02-2011', '03-03-2012', '04-04-2013'])
ser_ts = pd.to_datetime(ser)

ser_ts_daynum = ser_ts.dt.weekday.tolist()
ser_ts_dayname = ser_ts.dt.day_name().tolist()


Why do I need parenthesis in day_name() when defining ser_ts_dayname, but not for weekday within ser_ts_daynum? I get an error if I try the opposite.

I feel like I'm missing something about how to chain functions in Python. I'm very familiar with piping in R (%>%) but things don't seem to work the same way in Python. Greatly appreciate any insight!

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  • answered 2021-09-11 18:46 mozway

    There is no direct way of knowing. Here are a few pointers to try to determine what to do:

    1. Check the documentation

    pandas.Series.dt.day_name gives a use case, with parentheses, while pandas.Series.dt.weekday is without parentheses.

    2. Check the type

    Methods needs parentheses to be executed

    >>> type(ser_ts.dt.day_name)

    This is more tricky to identify properties (which do not need parentheses) as the type of the linked object will be returned:

    >>> type(ser_ts.dt.weekday)

    3. Check the signature/docstring (interactive interpreter)

    When using ipython/jupyter or any interactive interpreter, you can add a ? at the end of the name (without parentheses)

    If a property, this is a reference to a inner object, you do not need parentheses.

    >>> ser_ts.dt.weekday?
    Type:        property
    String form: <property object at 0x7fd0234d3770>
    The day of the week with Monday=0, Sunday=6.

    else, you have a signature, this is a method, you need parentheses.

    >>> ser_ts.dt.day_name?
    Signature: ser_ts.dt.day_name(*args, **kwargs)
    Return the day names of the DateTimeIndex with specified locale.

    4. Give parentheses a try ;)

    >>> ser_ts.dt.weekday()
    TypeError: 'Series' object is not callable

    OK, looks like you did not need it

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