Resamples - Error in Model %in% models : object 'Model' not found

I am trying to evaluate different models using the function resamples. All the models have been previously defined and obtained without any major issues. When executing the resamples function with them, the following error message appears in the screen :

Error in Model %in% models : object 'Model' not found

The R chunk has the following structure:

    remuestreos <-
                LM = modelo_lm,
                CRT = modelo_cart,
                RFT = modelo_rf,
                NET= modelo_nnet,
                KNN = modelo_knn,
                SVM = modelo_svmRadial,
                BAG = modelo_bagg
                GBM = modelo_gbm))


    diferencias <- diff(remuestreos)


The output after its execution

Error in Model %in% models : object 'Model' not found

Can anybody give me a hand to clarify the reason for this error and how to manage it properly?

Best regards

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