I am receiving an error code when trying to use the Jackknife function of the SPECIES R package. Can this be fixed without altering the data?

I am trying to use the Jackknife function in the SPECIES package and get the following error code:

Error in ntemp[n[, 1], 2] <- n[, 2] : number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length

Any ideas on what may be causing the error? My code and a link to some example data are below. The data are frequency of frequencies data which consist of two columns j and nj. j is the number of times a taxon was observed and nj is the number of taxa in the dataset that have j number of occurrences. The output should be the jackknife order, jackknife richness estimate, standard error, and 95% confidence interval. I very much appreciate any advice you can give.

SHC <- as.matrix(SHC.Jackknife)
JKrichness <- jackknife(SHC, k = 2, conf = 0.95) 


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