Ruckus ICX 7150 MTU Setting

I'm having an odd issue. I enabled jumbo frames and I have one device that isn't liking it very much on its 10G ports. It's a Synology RS3617xs+. After some struggling it came up for about a week and the transfers were great, but it went down this morning for no reason. I've tried new cables, a different RJ45 10G SFP, and nothing. So I noted that the Synology can have a max MTU of 9000. When enabling jumbo, it looks like the MTU is 10200. I wanted to change that on the port that Synology is connected to. This unfortunately isn't working.

SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-if-e1000-1/1/17)#ip mtu 9000 Invalid input -> mtu 9000 Type ? for a list SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-if-e1000-1/1/17)#

SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-if-e1000-1/1/17)#ip mtu
Invalid input -> mtu Type ? for a list SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-if-e1000-1/1/17)#

It does however work if I do it on a virtual interface.

SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config)#int ve 1 SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-vif-1)#ip mtu DECIMAL IP MTU valid range <1280 - 10178>, default:9216 SSH@ICX7150-48PF Router(config-vif-1)#

Another Ruckus ICX on switch firmware will allow me to set the MTU globally but not per interface either. I've exhaustively gone through the manual and searched to try to get it to work. My 10G uplink between switches is working just fine. The manual clearly states I can set a per-port MTU, but I just don't get that option.

The 1G ports on the Synology at 1500 MTU seem to be behaving fine as I'm using one right now as a backup while the 10G uplink is down. If anyone has any insight as to why a feature in the manual that doesn't mention any caveats isn't working IRL? Or have you used Ruckus and Synology and solved the same issue? Thanks!

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