Scandit AR functionality on Flutter does not show anything

I'm developing a shopping list application in which users can scan multiple barcodes and see some data associated with the products. I succesfully integrated Scandit with MatrixScan and with BarcodeTrackingBasicOverlay it focuses correctly on the barcodes. I want then to migrate to BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay and show a simple view with some text over the barcode but it doesen't work. I have a license to use Matrixscan. My initialization code is this

bool _loading = false;
Camera _camera = Camera.defaultCamera;
BarcodeTracking _barcodeTracking;
DataCaptureView _captureView;
TorchState _torchState =;
bool _isPermissionMessageVisible = false;
BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay overlay;

  void initState() {



var captureSettings = BarcodeTrackingSettings();

_barcodeTracking = BarcodeTracking.forContext(_context, captureSettings)

_captureView = DataCaptureView.forContext(_context);

/*var _basicOverlay = BarcodeTrackingBasicOverlay.withBarcodeTrackingForView(
)..brush = Brush(Color(0x00FFFFFF), Color(0xFFFFFFFF), 2);*/

overlay = BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay.withBarcodeTrackingForView(
)..listener = this;


_barcodeTracking.isEnabled = true;

The body of the view is a simple Stack with a Center in which I show the _captureview and some text. My fist implementation was with the BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlayListener and it didn't show any widget over barcodes:

 PointWithUnit offsetForTrackedBarcode(
  BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay overlay, TrackedBarcode trackedBarcode) {
return PointWithUnit(DoubleWithUnit(0, MeasureUnit.fraction),
    DoubleWithUnit(-1, MeasureUnit.fraction));

 Anchor anchorForTrackedBarcode(
  BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay overlay, TrackedBarcode trackedBarcode) {

 Widget widgetForTrackedBarcode(
  BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay overlay, TrackedBarcode trackedBarcode) {
return ARWidget(data: ?? 'CIAO');

I also tried with the didUpdateSession implementation (similar to the Scandit sample app) but also didn't work:

void didUpdateSession(
  BarcodeTracking barcodeTracking, BarcodeTrackingSession session) {

  for (final lostTrackIdentifier in session.removedTrackedBarcodes) {
  // You now know the identifier of the tracked barcode that has been lost.
  // Usually here you would remove the views associated.

for (final trackedBarcode in session.addedTrackedBarcodes) {
  // Fixed identifier for the tracked barcode.
  var trackingIdentifier = trackedBarcode.identifier;

  // Current location of the tracked barcode.
  var location = trackedBarcode.location;
      .then((quadrilateral) => {
    _updateView(trackedBarcode, location)

_updateView(TrackedBarcode trackedBarcode, Quadrilateral viewLocation) {
// If the barcode is wider than the desired percent of the data capture view's width, show it to the user.
var shouldBeShown = viewLocation.width() > MediaQuery.of(context).size.width * 0.1;
if (!shouldBeShown) {
  overlay.setWidgetForTrackedBarcode(null, trackedBarcode);

var bubble = ARWidget(data: ?? '');
overlay.setWidgetForTrackedBarcode(bubble, trackedBarcode);

@override void didTapViewForTrackedBarcode( BarcodeTrackingAdvancedOverlay overlay, TrackedBarcode trackedBarcode) {}

My ARWidget is this:

class ARWidget extends StatelessWidget {
final String data;

const ARWidget({Key key,}) : super(key: key);

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return Container(
  width: 180,
  height: 60,
  decoration: BoxDecoration(
    color: const Color(0xFFFFFFEE),
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(30),
  child: Row(
    textDirection: TextDirection.ltr,
    children: [
        width: 60,
        height: 60,
        decoration: BoxDecoration(
          color: const Color(0xFF58B5C2),
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(30),
        child: Icon(
          color: Colors.white,


I saw on console that every time it tries to render the widget this error occur:

[        ] I/flutter ( 1208): 'package:flutter/src/widgets/focus_manager.dart': Failed assertion: line 1463 pos 12: 'RawKeyboard.instance.keyEventHandler == null': is not true.

Which with a bit of debugging found that it refers to LINE 34 of widget_to_base64_converter.dart.

final buildOwner = BuildOwner();

I also tried the sample AR Flutter app and had the same result. Do you have any idea on how to solve this issue or is it Scandit's fault?

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