Docker Issue: Removing a Bind-Mounted Volume

I have been unable to find any help online for this simple mistake I made, so I was looking for some help. I am using a server to run a docker image in a container and I mistyped and have caused an annoyance for myself. I ran the command

docker run --rm -v typo:location docker_name

and since I had a typo with the directory to mount it created a directory on the host machine, and when the container ended the directory remained. I tried to remove it, but i just get the error

rm -rf typo/
rm: cannot remove 'typo': Permission denied

I know now that I should have used --mount instead of -v for safety, but the damage is done; how can I remove this directory without having access to the container that created it?

I apologize in advance, my knowledge of docker is quite limited. I have mostly learned it only to use a particular image and I do a bunch of Google searches to do the rest.

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