Rewriting a Python regular expression with group selection in C#

I'm trying to write this list of regular expressions written in python as C# using System.Text.RegularExpressions.

    (re.compile("([«“‘„]|[`]+)", re.U), r" \1 "),        
    (re.compile(r"^\""), r"``"),        
    (re.compile(r"(``)"), r" \1 "),        
    (re.compile(r"([ \(\[{<])(\"|\'{2})"), r"\1 `` "),        
    (re.compile(r"(?i)(\')(?!re|ve|ll|m|t|s|d|n)(\w)\b", re.U), r"\1 \2")    

I understand how to write the regular expression itself, but the additional options I'm not sure how to implement.

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