Unusual APNS offline behaviour

I've been using APNS for a while and the expected behaviour until now under offline conditions was that APNS would only store the latest message sent by the app servers and discard the rest if the destination device was found to be unreachable. This is also documented in the APNS Qos documentation, wherein they say

Apple Push Notification Service includes a default Quality of Service (QoS) component that performs a store-and-forward function. If APNs attempts to deliver a notification but the device is offline, the QoS stores the notification. It retains only one notification per application on a device: the last notification received from a provider for that application. When the offline device later reconnects, the QoS forwards the stored notification to the device. The QoS retains a notification for a limited period before deleting it.

However, recently I've been noticing a different behaviour from APNS wherein if multiple messages are sent to the APNS servers from the app server while the destination device is offline then when the device comes online, all of the pending notifications are delivered as individual notifications to the device. This clearly contradicts what is mentioned in the Qos documentation. Is this the new expected behavior? If yes can you guys help me with some apple documentation that backs this new behavior? Thanks a lot for helping :)

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