attach state to dynamically rendered element

I am working on one of my first Gatsby projects and I am dynamically rendering products from Contentful. I would like the product description to show on hovering. I know how to do this on one image, but since it is dynamically rendered, I don't know how to set the state for the different images. Now, when you hover over one, the description shows on all of them. I cannot set state inside the .map. I might just be completely thinking in the wrong direction, but I haven't found anything online on how to handle this.

let [isShown, setIsShown] = useState(false);

const productList = => {
    return (
        onMouseEnter={() => setIsShown(true)}
        onMouseLeave={() => setIsShown(false)}
        {isShown && (
          <p className="product-description">{product.productDescription}</p>

Thanks in advance if someone can give me a clue on which direction to think in!

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