Is it possible to set several conditions for same symbols in Regex?

I'm trying to figure out a way to hide unnecesarry symbols while importing the file into translation software and I got strings like these:

As tradition demands, <firstName> forged <mf:his/her/their> own sword.

I need <firstName> to be hidden, as well as <mf: and >. So his/her/their should be not hidden. I've tried several options, but they either suck his/her/their into hidden, or grab other parts of the sentence if I try to insert colon into the regular expression. I realize I can just mark every symbol separately (<, >, firstName, mf:), but there are a lot of other variables, so typing in every single of them could take enormous amount of time. Their structure on the other hand is similar, and sometimes it's only "<XX:YYY>" in one string, which is easy to handle. But when there are two variables like "<ZZZ> text here <XX:YYY>" expressions do not work properly.

Here is the screenshot with what I need hidden.

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