Sipgate Push Api

Hello Dear Sir or Madam,

following problem.

My server application has 3 interfaces(Api’s). 1. For incoming calls. 2. For Gather to receive and process dtmf and an interface where Sipgate can download a wave file which is then played in the call.

If I have understood correctly, sipgate sends after every reponse a new push request to the main endpoint to my server. But this wont happen.For Exmaple, if i send 3 play responses, after the 2nd i dont get a new postrequest and in the call it ask for recording a voice mail because the user is not currently avaiable.

In the Sipgate debug log, all responses which are also played on the phone call actually carried out with code 200. After the 2th one the 3rd should still come, but it is not carried out because there is no new request to the main interface.

Any ideas which could cause this behavior? This happens only on play Responses ->

 <response><play>url to download</play></response>

I can stack 10 Gather Responses in the line and i get every time a new Postrequest to the main Endpoint but if i send 2 Play Responses in a row, i dont get a new Push to my Main Endpoint after the first Play Reponse is played on the phone.

If i test my application with postmen, all is fine, but in this scenario i have to do all the post requests to my server endpoint manually and this is what lacks from sipgate from my view. But idk, maybe i forgot to put something in my responses. Here a Play Response from my App.


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