c++ cstring, Is there any way to get single char from cstring?

char cstri[] = "hello world";

From here, is there any way to get a single char, such as the first e, position at 1, from this cstring?

I tried a few times, and every time it returns the entire string starting from the passed index. So, if I want 'e', position at 1, it returns ello world instead of just e.

I also tried to copy a single char from the string using strncpy() and memcpy(), but it copies the string from index 0 to null, or just the specified amount.

strncpy(b, cstri , 1);

I know a cstring is read-only, but is there no way to get a single char from a cstring?

I want to use printf(), so I can't use char b = cstri[1]

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