Changing length of the edges in Networkx lib

I have started working with networkx lib a few days ago. I'm wondering if its possible to change length of the edges on the graph? I have plotted a graph but nodes are very close one to another, so node names are overlapping (check the image below). This is my code:

import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Defining graph .Graph() and .DiGraph()
analysis_graph = nx.DiGraph()

# Adding relations to the graph

# extracting nodes from relations - Unique node entities
node_list = list(nx.nodes(analysis_graph))

# Creating sizes for each node (degree - number of relations from each node)
dict_of_node_sizes = dict( # for getting node sizes

# Same graph each time
my_pos = nx.spring_layout(analysis_graph.to_undirected(), seed = 0)
#.to_undirected() -> Making shape of directed graph like undirected graph

# Printing graph info

# Printing graph
        pos = my_pos, 
        with_labels = True, 
        node_size=[(v+1) * 120 for v in dict_of_node_sizes.values()])

This is my graph:

enter image description here

Do you know how I can fix the look of the graph so that nods are clearly visible? Should I make longer edges (how) or should I change the fonts, or something else?

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