Node.JS Video Upload

Can anyone help me with video upload in Node.JS? Currently, I am using the express-fileupload module for uploading a video it works fine till 70MB but when the size increases it's not able to parse the request and the API's go on infinite loop even though I have set the limit to 100MB but the express fails to parse the request. I have added some code for reference too. Do you have any module or way from which I can limit the file size and optimize the uploading of the video so that it takes less time? P.S - I have already tried converting video to BASE-64 but the results are worse.

uploadVideo: ( options ) =>
        return new Promise (resolve, reject) =>
                if !
                    reject "Video not present"
                extension = {}
                extension =
                extension = extension.split('/')[1]
                extension = extension.toLowerCase()
                if extension != 'mp4'
                    reject "File format is not supported"

                if > 100000000
                    reject "File size is greater than 100 mb"
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