Using apscheduler to run Django serializer every 15 minutes to updates the data

using serializers I wrote some code that will ssh to different machines and return some information about these machines. Every time I refresh my page, the code will ssh to the system and return real time data. After noticing how long it takes to ssh to the machines to return data and some other issues, I figured this approach is not the best.

I would like to save whatever result I git from the ssh in a database/cache and retrieve this data when I refresh the page from the database/cache. I thought of using an apscheduler and have the serializer update it's data every 15 minutes instead of every time I refresh the page (ssh once every 15 minutes). I am not sure if this will work or if there are better ways to achieve this. I would be thankful if you guys give some pointers. Currently my serializer results are not saved in the database. So to achieve this do I need to save the results of the serializer in the database? and will apscheduler do the trick? Thank you

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