R script executes all right in RStudio but throws ggplot2-related error in command mode


My goal is to make a script that will do some data exploratory analysis for one type of files (same name in different directories) when supplied with directory name as a command line argument and produce a multi-figure: 4 plots for 4 analyses performed. I have the full code which works OK in Rstudio. Here is the chunk of it, generating 1st of 4 graphs. It throws an error with Aesthetics when run from the command line.

args <- commandArgs(TRUE)

###Check and install missing libraries
list.of.packages <- c("tidyverse", "methods", "Matrix", "WGCNA", "ggplot2", 
                      "tsne", "DESeq2", "reshape2", "RColorBrewer", "readr", "dplyr", "AnnotationDbi",
                      "org.Hs.eg.db", "data.table", "ggsci", "magrittr", "multipanelfigure",
new.packages <- list.of.packages[!(list.of.packages %in% installed.packages()[,"Package"])]
if(length(new.packages)) install.packages(new.packages)


lapply(list.of.packages, FUN = function (X) {
  do.call("library", list(X))

wd <- args[1]

count_data = read.table(file=list.files(pattern = "^all_counts\\.txt$"), header = TRUE, sep = "\t")
row.names(count_data) = count_data$ID
count_data$ID <- NULL
conds = fread("/Users/x/project_y/data/Overview_sampleID.txt", select = c(1:2))

vst = vst(as.matrix(count_data)) 
pcDat = prcomp(t(vst)) #Calculation with variance-stabilizing transformation
var_explained <- pcDat$sdev^2/sum(pcDat$sdev^2)

#Scale and center columns
d=svd(scale(as.matrix(count_data))) #apply SVD
assays=t(d$u) %*% scale(as.matrix(count_data)) #projection on eigenassays, representing the sample space

#Scale and center rows
pcDat2=prcomp(t(as.matrix(count_data)), center=TRUE, scale=TRUE)


tsne_res <- Rtsne(t(count_data), perplexity = 5)

#--------Generating plots-------#

pcDatx = as.data.frame(pcDat$x)
status = factor(conds$Sample_Project)

p1 = ggplot(data = pcDatx, aes(x = PC1, y = PC2, color = status)) +

ggsave("~/testfig.pdf", plot = p1, width = 5, height = 7)

Then from the terminal it throws this kind of error. However, I am not sure why as the length of the data frame is the same as the length of colour variable. Could anyone help with this issue? enter image description here

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