Spring batch : how generate multiple root xml elements?

I'm using spring batch to generate only one xml file. I'm facing a big issue to generate an xml with multiple root elements.

Each readed element, lets say Item could generate 3 xml elements : DayType, DayTypeAssignment and OperatingPeriod.

The generated xml looks like the following :

        <DayType id="A" version="any">
        <DayType id="B" version="any">
        <DayType id="C" version="any">
        <DayTypeAssignment id="OP1_A" order="0" version="any">
          <DayTypeRef ref="DayType:A" version="any"/>
        <DayTypeAssignment id="OP1_B" order="0" version="any">
          <DayTypeRef ref="DayType:B" version="any"/>
        <DayTypeAssignment id="OP1_C" order="0" version="any">
          <DayTypeRef ref="DayType:C" version="any"/>

        <OperatingPeriod id="OP1" version="any" >

Is this possible with the StaxEventItemWriter ?

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