Creating a data frame from a list of lists with empty lists

Suppose we have some lists lst1 and lst2 and we want to create a data frame from them. So:

lst1 = ['Apple', 'Orange']
lst2 = []

When I try to create a data frame from these lists, it is empty:

import pandas as pd
df_output = pd.DataFrame(list(zip(lst1, lst2)),
               columns = ["lst1", "lst2" ])

Is there any easy way to add the lst2 column even though it is empty?

1 answer

  • answered 2021-10-12 15:47 ddejohn

    There may be a more appropriate way to do this, but this'll work:

    >>> pd.DataFrame(map(pd.Series, (lst1, lst2)), index=["lst1", "lst2"]).T
         lst1 lst2
    0   Apple  NaN
    1  Orange  NaN

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