Prevent git restore -- pathspec from checking out submodules

I am working on a project that uses submodules. I have checked out branches in the submodules and a changed file in the superproject. git status looks like this

On branch branch1
Changes not staged for commit:
    modified:   somefile.txt
    modified:   dir-a/submodule1 (new commits)
    modified:   dir-b/submodule2 (new commits)

Submodules changed but not updated:

* dir-a/submodule1 9726e06...0bd1d55 (1):
  > A commit message

* dir-b/submodule2 53b9bf0...ae1b023 (1):
  > Another commit message

no changes added to commit

I want to remove the changes from somefile.txt so I do

$ git restore -- somefile.txt

However not only does it restore somefile.txt, it also checks out the submodules:

Submodule path 'dir-a/submodule1': checked out '9726e06'
Submodule path 'dir-b/submodule2': checked out '53b9bf0'

Passing --(no-)recurse-submodules does not make a difference, and neither does using git checkout instead of git restore.

Is there a way to restore somefile.txt without checking out the submodules? Git version is 2.30.2.

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