Elementor PHP external request

i have a paid task as a developer and i came to the community to know if anyone can help me to do my job in a good way !

So please, listen to me, here's my problem :

i have this website https://status.passportgroup.co.il/shop/

in the image there is a text, i want elementor (pro) to display the name of the customer from an external database.

Can you help me to know what is the exact code if i give you the url of the database ?

Or do we need a token API ?

Please answer to these two questions.

Thank you a lot for your help

here is the code and the API i have actually :

    add_action('init', 'register_brewery_cpt'); 
    function register_brewery_cpt(){
     $current_page = ( ! empty($_post['current_page']) ) ?
     $_post['current_page'] : 1; $breweries = []; $results = wp_remote_get('secure.powerlink.co.il/api/query') 

 $results = wp_remote_retrieve_body( 

wp_remote_get('secure.powerlink.co.il/api/query'); echo '<pre>'; print_r($variable); echo '</pre>'; die(); 
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